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Keith Gill is an everyday YouTuber you’ve likely never heard of. Cat videos aren’t much of his thing. Instead, he’s a stock trader by day, and a headline-maker by night. He is also the subject of many headlines when his posts helped take down a…

Soon after the Capitol Riots that plunged the nation into fearful darkness, came a precedent that hasn’t been thoroughly discussed. A precedent following a conversation about censorship that, to be clear, makes the impacts of this decision less clear than ever before- when Silicon Valley, all within a matter of…

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Politics in America has it rough. In some of our most historic moments, a man by the name of David Frost tore Nixon as though he was America’s prosecutor, on the public airways, embellished in the movie, Frost V. Nixon. Anchors like Murrow and Kronkite…

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The events that made television airwaves on January 6th, let’s make no mistake, will be seared into the political memory of this nation for decades to come. On January 6th, 2021, the United States Capitol building was held hostage by populist contempt. Its borders were breached. Flags, flags that were…

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Political success, anywhere- is often, no short achievement. In a democracy, good legislation, economics, and campaigns make the pinnacle of political drama. Engrained in the collective political history of our nation, come slogans such as “I Like Ike”, or “It’s the economy, stupid”. The campaign trail functions as the voice…

Shaurya Pandya

Essayist, Author of Mindshifts, contributor at Dialogue and Discourse, Extra, plus a couple of others. Tweet me @ShauryaPandya

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